Wedding Knives & Servers Personalised

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I put this video together in trying to better show examples of my handmade wedding cake knives and servers. The server not only serves cake, but it will also cut and serve pie. Notice the range of grain patterns and color variations in the wood species. No two are alike due to the nature of wood and handcrafting. Finish is a blend of mineral oil and beeswax. Engraving is by hand carving or using a high-speed engraving also by hand. Laser engraving is not available. Each engraving and without engraving is actually a customized order. Mix or match wood species to fit each preference. Request by custom ordering to meet your decor, just ask and I will let you know if I can meet your request.

Several times I have be asked if they will cut a cake. They will cut cake as well as any other cake knife. The sharpness of the wooden knife is as sharp or in some cases sharper than a metal one.

I got the video too wide. If you can go full screen it is good.

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