Wedding Cake Knifes and Server Sets

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Just completed and shipped these wedding sets. I got behind due to a family medical issue and am in the process of getting caught up. I missed some shipping dates which I never like to do. Things are getting back to normal for me, more or less.

I will be adding a few new items in the near future after getting all current orders out. So keep an eye out for my new items.

Check out my ETSY stores at  and

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Handmade Wooden Pizza Peels and Slicers plus Servers

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This is my first video. It has a few examples of my handmade pizza utensils. I plan to add voice to this later. Being this is the first I want to make sure I get it on-line and it works.

Thanks for understanding.

Stocking Stuffers

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It’s that time of year to get those last-minute stocking stuffers. I have three items listed as stocking stuffers: wooden oven rack pull push tool; butter or cheese knife; and honey dipper. I am offering six at a discounted rate. You can select the wood species from the menu and order all in one species or ask a custom order and mix and match the wood species. Also if you would like more than the six that comes in one order send a custom ask for the number and species of wood and I will respond.

Wishing all a happy and safe holiday season.

stocking stuffers oven rack pull push butter or cheese knifes stocking stuffers butter or cheese knife Stocking Stuffers Honey Dippers Cherry

2TheMountaineer Web Store Open

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2TheMountaineer web store open for business.

New items added as they become available.  If you do not see an item you would like  in your kitchen, please let me know.

I also have a store at which now has items not offered in the 2themountaineer store. However, I will be offering items in the store which will not be available in my ETSY store.

I will be offering in the 2themountaineer store: bottle stoppers, wooden hair accessories (hair sticks, hair forks, etc), wooden jewelry, and wooden shawl pins in addition to wooden kitchen utensils.

Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Stocking Stuffers Honey Dipper Cherry stocking stuffers in pic, also comes in hickory, maple, and black walnut. Mix and match by custom ordering.